200+ Best Cat Names That Start With L

What are some Best Cat names that start with L? That’s a question you’ll be asking yourself if you want your new cat name to begin with “L” and you’re searching for motivation.

Well, I have put together this article that’s collected full of great help on how to choose a name for your Cat, especially if you need a Cat name that starts with L!

Cat Names That Start With L

Male Cat Names That Start With L

Laka Limbo
Laker Lincoln
Lakota Link
Lilo Ladylove
Lambeau Lion
Lance LIPA
Lancelot Litmus
Lancelot Littlebit
Landon Littleguy
Lang Littleone
Lanzo Lobo
LaQuisha Loco
Larson Logan
Larz Loki – Lokie
Lasarus London
Laser Loo
Laske Loony
Laslo Lord Bentley
Laughing Gravy LORENZO
Lawrence Louie
Lazybones Loxley
Leader LUCA
Leadpipe Lucas
Leery Ludo
Lefty Ludwig
Legion Luga
Lemon Lugnut
Lennon LUIS
Leon Luke
Leonardo Lundy
Leonitus Luther
Leroy Luuka
Lester Lux
LEV Lyan
Levi Lynus
LIAM Lighting
Lil Mac

Female Cat Names That Start With L

Lillie Lillianna
Lacey Lillie Langtry
Laci Lilly
Lacie Lilly Bell
Lacy Lilo
Ladonna Lily
Lady Limber
Lady Di Limelight
Lady Gaga Limerick
Lady Mischief Limoges
Ladybird Lin
Ladybug Lina
Ladylove Linda
Ladylumps Lindsay
Lae Lindsey
Lahela Lindy
Laiba Linette
Laila Ling
Lailie Linh
Lainey Linka
Laisha Linne
Lakeshia Linnea
Lakin Linx
Laksha Liona
Lala Liora
Lalaine Lisa
Lalasa Lisbet
Lalima Lisbeth
Lalita Lisimba
Lalo Lissette
Lamb Lita
Lan Litsa
Lana Littese
Lanai Little
Landy Little Girl
Lanelle Littlebear
Lanette Litzy
Laney Liv
Lani Livia
Lanie Livvy
Lanikai Liz
Lanner Liza
Lantana Lizard
Lanza Lizbeth
Lappy Girl Lizeth
Laquetta Lizette
Laquiesha Lizzie
Laquinta Lizzy
Laquita Loala
Lara Loca
Laraine Locke
Lareina Loe
Lari Logan
Laria Lois
Larissa Lokelani
Lark Loki
Lashonda Lol
Lassie Lola
Lata Lolah
Latanya Lolaksi
Latasha Lolita
Latifah Lollipop
Latisha Lolly
Latonia Lolo
Latonya Lona
Latoya London
Latrice Loni
Latte Lonikie
Laura Lonna
Laurel Lora
Lauren Loralie
Laurie Lore
Laurinda Lorelei
Lauryn Lorena
Lavender Lorene
Laydi Loretta
Layla Lori
Lazy Lorie
Lea Lorinda
Leah Lorna
Leanna Lorna Doone
Leanne Lorne
Leather Lorraine
Leba Lotta
Leda Lotte
Ledah Lottery
Ledell Lottie
Lee Lotus
Leeann Louanna
Leeloo Louisa
Leena Louise
Lefty Loup
Lei Lourdes
Leia Love
Leiaki Lovebird
Leigh Lovebug
Leika Lovely
Leiko Lover
Leila Lovey
Leilah Lovie
Leilani Lowri
Lela Luana
Lelia Luc
Lena Luca
Lenci Lucer
Lene Lucero
Lenka Lucia
Lenora Luciana
Lenore Lucie
Leola Lucille
Leoma Lucinda
Leona Lucine
Leonie Luckey
Leonora Lucky
Leontyne Lucrece
Leopolda Lucretia
Leora Lucy
Lesh Lucy Lu
Lesley Lucyloo
Leslie Luella
Lesly Luisa
Letha Lujuana
Lethia Lukara
Leticia Lukina
Letitia Lula
Levana Lullaby
Levia Lulu
Lexie Lumina
Lexine Luna
Lexis Lunascar
Lexus Lunetta
Lexy Lupe
Leyla Lupita
Leyna Luscious
Leyza Lusie
Leza Luvy
Lia Luyu
Liadan Luz
Lian Lyanne
Liana Lybbee
Liani Lydia
Lianna Lydie
Liannaka Lykaios
Liba Lyla
Libby Lyn
Liberty Lynda
Licia Lyndsay
Licorice Lynelle
Lida Lynette
Lidia Lynn
Lien Lynna
Liesel Lynnea
Lightning Bug Lynnox
Lil’ Lynsey
Lila Lynx
Lilac Lyra
Lilah Lyric
Lilia Lillian
Lilian Lilli
Liliana Lilka
Lilika Lilith

I hope you like these Unique Cat Names that Start with L for your male and female Cat. Let us know in the comment section which Cute Cat Names you have chosen.

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