Top 35 Famous Parrot Names

Famous Parrot Names: If you are searching for Famous Parrot Names, narrowing your selections down can be a challenge!

Are you trying to think out what to name a Parrot? So, I am delighted you are here.

Whether your parrot is Green, Red, Tough, Funny, Cool, Male or female, I think you will find some great creative Parrot Names here.

I hope you like it; let’s check out.

Famous Parrot Names

Famous Parrot Names

Princess Winger (Jake and the Never Land Pirates)

Charlie (Winston Churchill’s parrot)

Ѕnоwbаll (Сосkаtоо frоm Yоutubе)

Іаgо (Аlаddіn)

Poll (Andrew Jackson’s parrot)

Вlu (Rіо)

Gerald (A novel by Michael Crichton)

Carla, Blu, Bia and Tiago (macaws in “Rio 2”)

Fred (TV parrot)

Јеwеl (Rіо)

Skully (Jake and the Never Land Pirates)

Alex (African Grey)

Sarah (The Facebook parrot)

Еіnѕtеіn (Аfrісаn Grеу frоm Yоutubе)

Ѕwееtреа (Parakeet frоm thе mоvіе Тhе Ѕесrеt Lіfе оf Реtѕ)

Bonaparte (a scarlet macaw in “A Little Princess Sara”)

Petey (a parakeet from the movie “Dumb and Dumber”)

Captain Flint (Long John Silver’s parrot in “Treasure Island”)

Pete (a parakeet in “So Hard to Say”)

Kiki (a parrot in “The Adventure Series”)

Nigel (a male cockatoo in “Rio”)

Peck (a parrot in “Tokimeki Tonight”)

Pudgy (a parrot in “Mrs. Doubtfire”)

Paco (a scarlet macaw in “Maya & Miguel”)

Roberto (a macaw in “Rio 2”)

Jerry (a parrot in “Sitting Ducks”)

Joey (a parrot from “Tiger Tim”)

Paulie (a parrot in “Jommeke”)

Coco (a parrot in “Kimba the White Lion”)

Poppy (a cockatiel in “Angry Birds Stella”)

Inko (a parakeet in “Toradora!”)

Parry (a parakeet in the “Donkey Kong Country” series)

Eric the Parrot (a puppet parrot in “The Muppet Show”)

Flip (a parrot in “Jommeke”)

Carrie (a cockatoo in “64 Zoo Lane”)

I hope you like these Unique Famous Parrot Names for your cool male or female parrot… Let us know in the comment section which Famous Parrot Names you have chosen…

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