150+ Korean Dog Names

Korean Dog Names: If you have Korean culture or are you inspired by the region, then you should surely check out these 150+ great ideas for Korean dog names.

Korean dog names are fun and a cultured choice for a new male and female dog. You could select a popular name like Charlie, Bella, Max, or Daisy.

But if you need something more unique, cool, funny, then please check out these 150+ Korean dog names.

Male Korean Dog Names

Male Korean Dog Names

Names Meaning
Baek Brother
Beom A model
Bong A mythical bird
Bon-Hwa Glorious
Busan Korean city
Chul Neither hard nor soft
Chung-Ae Noble and love
Dae Greatness
Daegu A city in south korea
Daeshim The greatest mind
Dak-Ho A deep lake
Darangee Its eye-catching rice terraces
Dong East
Eun Charity
Geon Strength
Gojo Inspired by the first ever kingdom of korea
Gook Nation
Haengbogi Happy
Haenguni Lucky
Hak-Kun A person with literary roots
Haneul Heavenly
Haru One day
Hayangi Whitey
Heendungi Whitish
Hoon Teaching
Horang-i Tiger
Ho-Seok Strong and heaven
Hudu Walnut
Hwan Bright and shining
Hwindungi White
Hyeon Virtuous
Hyuk Radiant
Hyun Intelligent and bright
Hyun Ki Clever, wise, expert, and intelligent
Hyun Shik Smart, brilliant, and clever
Incheon Kind river
In-Su Preserving wisdom
Iseul Dew
Jae Wealthy
Jae-Hee Shining
Jashik Child
Jeju An exotic island in korea
Jeong Serene
Ji Wisdom
Jin Precious
Jong-Seok Great and eminent
Joon Immense talent
Jum King’ or ‘ruler
Jun Handsome
Jung Righteous
Ki Rising
Kkulbbangi Delicious
Kwan Powerful
Kwang Wild
Kyu Standard
Kyung Respected
Makki Slang for youngest one
Min-Ho Heroic and brave
Miso Korean for smile
Mongshil Fluffy
Myeong Bright
Sagwa Apple
Seo-Jin Omen
Seok Rock
Seong Finished
Seoul Capital of south korea
Suk Like a rock
Sun Goodness
Sung Victorious
Sunja Meek and mild
Suwon Korean metropolis
Su-Won To defend or protect
Tae-Hui Big or great
Ulsan The largest korean cities
Upo Located near nakdong river
Wook Sunrise
Woong Magnificence
Yeo Mildness
Yeong Brave
Yun Soft

Female Korean Dog Names

Female Korean Dog Names

Names Meaning
Ae-Cha A loving daughter
Areum Beauty
Bada Sea’ or ‘ocean
Bae Inspiration
Baekdu The highest mountain in korea
Baram Wind
Bitna Shining
Bokshiri Fluffy
Bomi Springtime
Bo-mi ‘o.’ it means ‘pretty’
Bong-Cha The ultimate girl
Bora Purple
Boram Worthy or valuable
Byeol Star
Chin Precious
Chin-Sun Goodness and truthfulness
Cho Beautiful
Choon-Hee Born in spring
Chung Cha Noble
Chun-Hei Grace and justice
Daegu A city in south korea
Danbi To welcome rain
Dasom Kim dasom’ it means ‘love.’
Dubu Tofu
Eui Righteousness
Eun Silver
Gaeul Autumn
Gi Brave
Goo To complete someone
Gureum Cloud
Hae The ocean
Haengbogi Happy
Haenguni Lucky
Hae-Won A beautiful garden
Haneul Heaven
Haru Day
Hayan Pale or white.
Hayangi Whitey
Heendungi Whitish
Hei Grace
Hei-Ran A graceful orchid
Hoe Korean dish
Ho-Sook Clear lake
Hwindungi White
Hye Wisdom and intelligence
Hyun Virtuous
In-Na Yoo-in-na’ as it means ‘delicate’
Iseul Dew
Ji Wisdom
Ji-a Wisdom and knowledge
Joo Jewel
Ki Rising
Kuri Copper
Kwan Strong
Kwittegi Ear taken off
Kyung Respected
Makki Slang for youngest one
Mi Kyong Beauty and brightness
Mi Sun A combination of beauty and goodness
Mi-Cha A beautiful girl
Mi-Hi Beautiful and joyful
Min Clever, quick-minded, and responding
Min-Jee Brightness and wisdom
Mishil A beautiful kingdom
Miso Korean for smile
Mi-Young Everlasting beauty
Mongsil-i Fluffy like a cloud
Myung Clear
Nam-Sun Honest and pure
Nari Lily flower
Nun-i Nun’ which means ‘snow’
Nureongi Yellowish
Ogboon Jade
Podo Grape
Sang Mutual
Sarangi Lovely
Seong Finished
Seonggye Sea urchin
Shin Belief
So-Hui Splendid
Soo Noble, kind, and charitable
Sook Pure
Sunja Meek and mild
Taebaek A smaller korean mountain
Wonsoongi Monkey
Wook Sunrise
Ye-Jin Valuable and precious
Yun Lotus flower
Yu-Na To endure

Korean Puppy Names

Names Meaning
Du-Hu Goodness
Hea Grace
Heangbogi Happy and is a sweet
Mee Beautiful
Seulgi Wisdom
Seung Winning
Yong Brave
Yu-Jin Precious
U-Yeong Glory and honor
Wonsoongi Monkey

I hope you like these Unique Korean Dog Names for Male & Female… Let us know in the comment section which Cute Korean Dog Names Names you have chosen…

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