Lord of the Rings Horse Names

Lord of the Rings Horse Names: Lord of the Rings is one of the most famous movie at all times. If you are a got fan and getting a new horse, then you must check out Lord of the Rings Horse Names. Our list of 20+ Lord of the Rings Horse Names includes places, people, animals and so much more.

Lord of the Rings Horse Names

Lord of the Rings Horse Names

Arod (Legolas’ horse)

Bill (pony owned by the Hobbits)

Hasufel (horse given to Aragorn by the Riders of Rohan)

Arroch (was the horse of Húrin Thalion in the First Age)

Bumpkin (Merry Brandybuck’s horse)

Asfaloth (Glorfindel’s horse)

Rochallor (horse of Fingolfin, High King of the Ñoldor)

Windfola (horse ridden by Éowyn and Merry)

Shadowfax (the horse ridden by Gandalf the White)

Firefoot (horse owned by Éomer)

Lightfoot (horse of Rohan)

Brego (horse ridden by Aragorn)

Roheryn (horse owned by Aragorn)

Felaróf (intelligent)

Wise-Nose (one of Merry’s ponies)

Fatty Lumpkin (horse owned by Tom Bombadil)

Swish-Tail (one of Merry’s ponies)

Felaróf (steed of Eorl the Young)

Stybba (gift from King Théoden to Merry)

Nahar (noble steed of the Vala Oromë)

Sharp-Ears (one of Merry’s ponies)

Snowmane (King Théoden of Rohan’s horse)

I hope you like these Lord of the Rings Horse Names for Male and Female… Let us know in the comment section which Cute Lord of the Rings Horse Names you have chosen…

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